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Happy New Year to all our supporters and volunteers.

The Christmas season is behind us and we can bask in the glory of what the birth of Jesus promises for us… love and peace. Yet sometimes that peace can elude us if caught in circumstances beyond our control….
Niagara Life Centre counsellors have lately been dealing with clients dealing with the loss of loved ones. As we have continued to support clients who have lost loved ones, it has become crystal clear that the need for sharing one’s grief with others in the same situation can be a medium for healing.
Although the losses may be different in the sense of cause of death or who has died, there is a shared commonality of the void that one feels in the aftermath. The holidays can blow this void to proportions that make it difficult for those left behind by loved ones. In order to help clients cope, counsellors at NLC will be starting a GriefShare group February 6, 2018.
Group counselling can help clients see that they are not alone. Whether it is illness, a still born baby or a spouse that takes their own life, clients can benefit from sharing their experience with others in similar circumstances.
We praise God for another opportunity to serve our community through this group. We thank God for the skilled counsellors He continues to provide to do NLC ministry work

Rita Makubuya
Executive Director

Niagara Life Centre


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