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Distinctions of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Niagara Life Centre proudly employs a qualified and caring staff whose passion for helping people shines through in everything they do. Our Psychotherapists and Biblical Counsellors desire to see people positively impacted through NLC and for clients to experience help, hope, and healing.  Distinctions of Biblical Counselling and Psychotherapy are as follows: 
Registered Psychotherapists (RP) are engaged in Niagara Life Centre ministry work. 


Psychotherapy is primarily a talk-based therapy that is intended to help people improve and maintain their mental health and well-being. An RP works with individuals, couples, and families in individual and group settings.


Psychotherapy occurs when the RP and client enter into a psychotherapeutic relationship where both work together to bring about positive change in the client’s thinking, feeling, behavior, and social functioning. Individuals usually seek psychotherapy when they have thoughts, feelings, moods, and behaviors that are adversely affecting their day-to-day lives, relationships, and the ability to enjoy life.

Pastoral Counselling
Pastoral counselling is a time limited relationship that provides encouragement and practical guidance rooted in Biblical principles that help clients develop healthy living and coping mechanisms. It fosters an ever growing dependence on God’s grace and faithful presence as well as interdependence on the people of God.

Meet Our Team!

Niagara Life Centre is blessed with a diverse and experienced team!

Check out our staff bios to see what part we play in the NLC team.

Margarete Overend

Office Administrator - Front Desk

Carli Jones


Beth Eastman

Communications & Donor Relations Coordinator

Myung Joo Ok

Counsellor, BA., MDiv. (Pastoral Counselling)

Rochelle Tyme

Counsellor, BRE-Counselling, Registered Psychotherapist

Lucio Di Teodoro, RP, C.C.C.

Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor
Photo of Sneha Reddy

Sneha Reddy

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Naomi Reimer

Counsellor, Dip. Counselling Psych, OAMHP


Niagara Life Centre is supported by a volunteer Board of Directors. They are the ambassadors and overseers of the programs and services that we offer.

Ken Klassen, Board Chair
Professor of Operations Management, Goodman School of Business at Brock University, Ken joined the Niagara Life Centre Board in 2011 and has served  for over 10 years.  A keen detail person, he has been instrumental in fine tuning both our financials and reporting.

Jim Ruggi, Co-Treasurer
Jim is an accountant, and joined the Niagara Life Centre Board in 2009.  Serving NLC for over 10 years he has filled the role of treasurer for most of that time. Jim loves to roll up his sleeves and participate in fundraising activities. He is amazing at encouraging community participation and was a diehard rider in Ride for Refuge, which raised a lot of support for the ministry.

Chris Dayaram, Co-Treasurer
Chris has been serving since 2019 and brings financial skills that are well appreciated on the Niagara Life Centre Board. He currently serves as co-treasurer. He is intent on getting support for the ministry by creating awareness as he invites new people to participate in NLC events.

Perry Wong
Perry is a retired mechanical engineering and supply chain management professional, having both worked and lived in Canada and the United States.  Perry joined the Niagara Life Centre board in 2019.  He introduced and led NLC’s Coin Campaign fundraiser at his church in Niagara Falls.  Perry has a passion for supporting the local community, and has used the annual fundraising banquet as a way of introducing people to what NLC is all about.

Jonathan Brouwer 
Jonathan is a Certified Financial Planner with IG Wealth Management and joined the NLC board in 2022. He attended Heritage Christian School in Jordan Station and is currently a member of Vineland Free Reformed Church. Jonathan has previous board experience and enjoys organizing fundraising events. He brings financial expertise to the NLC board.

Bob Loerts
Bob is the senior pastor of a local St. Catharines church who joined the Niagara Life Centre Board in 2022. In his words, “From the first time I heard about Niagara Life Centre till now I have been impressed by the staff’s compassion, the dedication of the volunteers, the generous support of donors, and the wisdom of their leadership. For that reason it was a special joy to be asked to serve on the Board with such excellent Christ-followers.”