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It’s March!

In Like a Lion

March. The month of impatience and unpredictable patterns.

For many, March is the hardest month to get through. We have expectations for spring and just when the sunshine and warmer weather appear we are met with grey skies and ice, once again bundled up against the winter cold. The excitement for spring clashes with the reality that winter isn’t completely over. Thalassa Cruso, a British author of Horticulture describes March as, “A month of considerable frustration. It is so near spring and yet across a great deal of the country, the weather is still so violent and changeable that outdoor activity seems light-years away.”

We get it. March can be frustrating. Yet this time of year is a perfect message for us to hold on and never give up because spring will come and life will get warmer.

Just like March our lives are often a mix of good and bad. Sometimes things are going great and we feel like we’re thriving, and other times we are struggling and can’t seem to catch a break. It’s hard to be grateful when life’s a mess. It’s easy to despair when we can’t see the end of the the pain…

Whatever you may be going through remember – there will always come a springtime. Life will get better and we are here to walk with you through it. That’s what NLC is all about, offering Help, Hope, and Healing to our community.

March is a hard time, but it’s also a beautiful time.
A beautiful reminder of the life God’s brings in springtime.

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