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It’s April!

Hello Sunshine!

Who else has been enjoying the glorious sunshine these past couple weeks!?
It has been such a welcome change as springtime blooms in it’s unique beauty.

We love the springtime at NLC. As the warmer weather made way for new growth we couldn’t help but snap a couples photos to share with you. Look at the fresh daffodils brightening up our front gardens! And they are just a little taste of the coming beauty.

Just as God rejuvenates daffodils, He refreshes and heals lives through NLC ministry work. We are excited to see the impact our clients experience through NLC just like we anticipate the bright daffodils after a long winter.

We are always excited to see help, hope and healing in the lives of our clients! And it’s those first steps of growth that remind us why we do what we do. More growth is coming, more life is growing, and the fullness of spring is yet to come.

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