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Christmas Blessings 2020

The coming of Jesus changed everything. Because of it, God has continued to be with us through the COVID-19 pandemic and through many life struggles! He has not left us hopeless. In Psalm 39:7 David reminds us that our hope is in the Lord. Therefore, the socio-economic impact of the pandemic has not hindered those whose hearts are committed to Niagara Life Centre ministry work. Support has continued through prayers, resources and volunteers. We are thankful for God’s continuous presence as He journeys with us while we minister to those who need His love so desperately. He is evident as breakthrough after breakthrough happens for NLC clients. The Lord Jesus came and dwelt among us that very first Christmas. So this year, as you His celebrate His birth alone or with family and friends, remember that His very presence is with you. May you experience His protection, provision and most of all His unconditional love. Bask in the firm knowledge that He never leaves us alone. Because of this, it’s with a thrill of hope that this weary world rejoices!!

God bless you and your families this Christmas and always.

Rita Makubuya, Executive Director

Niagara Life Centre