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Codependency Group


Codependency is an excessive unhealthy spiritual, emotional, or psychological reliance on another person typically formed at an early age in response to a dysfunctional environment. This Christ-centered 12 week program will teach you how to bring real change to the unhealthy patterns of thinking caused by unresolved hurt, anger, fear, or anxiety.


This group is at full capacity and will run again in the new year, check back with us for future dates & times.

  • Week 1: Introduction – The Process Begins
  • Week 2: Changing the Cycle
  • Week 3: Turning It Over
  • Week 4: Honesty at Work
  • Week 5: Out of the Darkness
  • Week 6: Willing to Be Willing
  • Week 7: Ready for Change
  • Week 8: Choosing to Forgive
  • Week 9: Making Amends
  • Week 10: People of Extremes
  • Week 11: A Growing Relationship
  • Week 12: Practicing and Sharing

Questions?  Feel free to call the office at 905-934-0021.

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