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Fabiola Prins

Event planner, Communications & Donor Relations Coordinator

Having a passion for connectedness and commitment to serving others, Fabiola is the Communications and Donor Relations Coordinator for NLC. Fabiola and her husband Jan immigrated to Canada in 1998 from the Netherlands, and they now call Jordan Station home. Fabiola’s first volunteer job in Canada was with NLC as a caregiver supporting a mom’s group. Fabiola enjoys connecting people and organizations to foster a collaboration of effort and resources that support the clients of NLC. Previously, she worked with Pick Ontario to promote the local floral industry. Knowing that flowers grow best when the soil is properly nurtured, she sees the importance of strong support for all in our Niagara region; we can all help each other grow and thrive! She also enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, as they work to show Christ in their greater community. 905-934-0021 ext 28